Wound Expo will deliver eight bespoke, therapy specific zones led by expert educators and key opinion leaders. The event is designed to provide high quality learning outcomes for all members of the nursing team. Interactive sessions will take a step-by-step approach to evidence-based management, using case presentations to provide you with practical knowledge to take back to the workplace.

Each session will run for an hour and there will be five sessions a day; allowing you to be educated in treatment pathways, wound assessment, wound infection, leg ulcer management, wound pain and well being, pressure area care, wound exudate and negative pressure wound therapy over the two days in addition to professional networking and a vibrant exhibition.

Click below to see more information on each zone, who will be running it and what it will cover.


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Wound assessment

Effective wound assessment increases the likelihood of a good outcome. The zone describes how to assess the wound, and when to reassess to determine if a change in treatment is required.

Wound infection

Infection is a major cause of wound-related problems. This session will get you thinking about how to identify infection in different wounds, how to distinguish infection from colonisation, and how to deal with each effectively.


Leg ulcer management

After this session, you will feel confident about how to assess, dress and compress venous leg ulcers. The hands-on sessions will help you assess patients so that you can select the best dressings and compression therapy for their needs. You will use a variety of tools to help you make appropriate and effective choices.

Wound PainPressure area care

Are you confident that you can prevent the preventable? This session will look at the risk factors associated with pressure ulceration, and demonstrate how you can avoid their occurrence in your day-to-day practice.

Wound exudate

There is more to assessment and management of exuding wounds than just applying a dressing. This session will explain how to assess an exuding wound, identify the type of exudate present and prepare it for treatment

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy


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